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Patrick Ng

About Spark Launchpad

"I was told that our proposal is ordinary. How do I build a differentiated product?

Whom can I innovate with?

What are my considerations in an open-innovation partnership?

How do I protect my differentiation?"

Working with innovating organisations, from corporate R&D, growing SMEs and startups, these are the common challenges innovators seek help in. 

So I founded Spark Launchpad to assist innovators in addressing these challenges.

Spark Launchpad offers advisory and mentoring services to innovators and technopreneurs. 

What started as a quest to improve lives through innovation, Spark provides IP intelligence and strategy to innovating enterprises. As we worked with more innovators, we soon realised that commercialising innovation requires better ideation approaches, technology and IP intelligence, guided by a purposeful innovation canvas strategy.

In 2020, we gathered our years of experience in various public and private consulting roles to help innovating enterprises succeed in their innovation journey. 

We also collaborate with experienced and certified consultants in the industry, well versed in a wide range of technology fields from Infocomm, electronics, analytics, food innovation, green energy and many more. Further, we are certified by TUD SUV for Singapore Certified Management Consultants and is recognised by Enterprise Singapore to help SMEs eligible for grant support.

Reduce the risk of innovation and commercialise your innovation successfully. Experience the expertise of Spark Launchpad.


Contact us today.

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90 Collective

90 Collective supports organizations with a wide range of innovation consultancy services

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