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Entrepreneurs are problem solvers first

"Entrepreneurs are problem solvers first", as the young innovators realised that innovators are much more than just science and technology. While promising entrepreneurs solve impactful world problems with innovative solutions, entrepreneurs also solve customer engagement with evidence-based validation, rallying fellow teammates to work together with great personalities and charisma, raising funds through sponsors and partnerships, and solving business sustainability with growth strategies and sustaining their competitive advantage.

I see at least 1 "hustler", several "hackers", and a few "hipsters" in this team of innovators at St Joseph's Institution. These are the essential personality profiles of a good group of entrepreneurs solving world-class problems with innovation.

I was pleasantly surprised by the curious minds and streams of questions about innovation methodologies and entrepreneurship. The team is eager and passionate about entrepreneurship, and I happily shared frameworks and methods I would typically teach at entrepreneurship schools at universities to these secondary two students.

Photo with permission: Pennie Ong, Teacher at SJI, Mar 2022

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