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Venture Storytelling

"Good stories surprise us. They make us think and feel." as Joe Lazauskas and Shane Snow put it. Our great ideas, the billion-dollar venture ideas deserve better, and that is why we synthesize a story to match.

Figure 1: The Power of Storytelling

We use the design thinking cycle to figure out the story. Then tell the new story that entices, engages and inspires actions.

We observe existing behaviour, processes, ecosystem and industry landscape. We investigate to find gaps and opportunities worth exploring. For each customer who articulates a gap, we seek out others like him/her who could face the same concerns.

When the customer segment is large enough, we then proceed to find a solution for the gap, a solution better than existing alternatives.

Now we tell the new story about how the current state can be better, and that we have a better solution.

Figure 2: Story synthesis with the design thinking cycle. "Design and Innovation through Storytelling", Sara Beckman and Michael Berry

We start the story by sharing our vision and purpose, and our 'Why' the idea is important to us. And the impact we want to make.

Figure 3: An impact-driven purpose

We articulate why the problem deserves a better solution and who will the solution will benefit.

We show what a better solution looks like and its feasibility that it can be materialised.

We then share our plan on how we plan to scale the solution to many, to create the impact we set out to make.

And like all missions, we need a strong team to run the show. And we need support and resources too. And how more can help us in our cause.

Figure 4: Elements of a Startup Pitch Deck

And we conclude by reiterating our belief in a better world and the impact that we can make when we are successful.

A good story not just informs. It connects the audience, arouses emotions and curiosity, and persuades and inspires action. Your billion-dollar venture deserves great storytelling.

The above presentation was delivered during UOB Finlab Greentech Accelerator Programme 2022.

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